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19. Juni 2017 at 02:08 #145008
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Jordan was every bit as electrifying as Magic, but  NBA Live Coins over time we remembered him for his aura of invincibility more than any highlights or stats.Brady probably doesn’t care what another Super Bowl means for his legacy, and he shouldn’t. But this is what’s at stake: Sunday’s the tipping point between Brady entering Jordan territory as an athlete whose winning transcends sports and stats, or becoming


Magic Johnson, a superstar we’ll at Cheap Fut 18 Coins remember forever within his sport, but not beyond.If he wins, then the 2008 Super Bowl becomes a fascinating aberration and we’re talking about (by far) the most dominant NFL quarterback in (by far) the most competitive era, and with a myth on par with Montana, MJ, and every other seemingly invincible icon from history. If he loses, 2008 and 2012 become the irrefutable reminders that Tom


Brady was historically incredible during his time in the NFL, but still human.Football’s even more of a team game as basketball, so obviously there’s more in play than just Tom Brady, and just like Jordan was the beneficiary of unbelievable help and lesser opponents than Magic faced, the Patriots could win or lose for a million reasons that have nothing to do with Tom Brady. In other words, the way we remember our icons doesn’t totally make sense.


But then, that’s sports. Now, on the other end of the legacy spectrum …THE PEYTON MANNING DRINKING GAME. It’s best to just accept that Peyton Manning is the new Brett Favre, and assume that nothing will prove this more than Sunday’s game and the rampant Peyton speculation that comes with it. Will he play in 2012? How good the

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